Zealous Advocacy with honesty and integrity


Mike, Queens NY

George has represented me on a plethora of issues, and is my most  trusted legal council in all affairs for myself and my family over the  course of 5+ years. He’s transparent, smart, and will represent you with  the utmost care and professionalism. A true gem of a person!

Karen, Valley Stream NY

I am forever grateful to George Grasso.  I was about to enter into a  business transaction.  All I can say is that asking George to look into  it at the last minute saved me a fortune and potentially years of legal  headaches!  His expertise, professionalism and understanding know no  bounds.  It's a comfort to know that when legal advice or services are  needed, that George Grasso is my lawyer!

Shirley, Staten Island NY

Well I just want to tell anyone who is fighting a legal battle George is  probably the best money can buy. He is kind  courteous and always there  and on time, but more importantly he is very good at what he does. I  was going through a criminal case that he was able to get rid of only after two court dates. I highly recommend him if you’re in  need of a criminal attorney

Ortego, Queens NY

George Grasso is friendly, thorough and professional. His keen  advisement and persistence in court was crucial to getting my reckless  driving case completely outright dismissed. I highly recommend his  services.

Shane, New York NY

George was extremely dependable and professional. His responsiveness and  dedication not only to the work he does, but also to the client  provides a sense of comfort and security. I was generally uneducated  when it came to the legal process, specifically in New York City, but  George did a great job keeping me updated and helping me understand how  and why things were being done. I truly believe George loves what he  does, and it certainly shows. His passion, combined with his knowledge,  produces results - something that is not particularly an easy thing to  accomplish in NYC.

Demetra, Queens NY

G. Grasso is an attentive and caring  lawyer. He goes above and beyond  for all his clients and makes them feel they are his main priority. I  reached out to Mr. Grasso for assistance in an issue I had after  connecting with him at his office, i immediately felt taken care of and  satisfied that my case would get the attention it needed.